Parquet in the building three

30. September

Pipe installation

20. September


13. September

Building one

5. September

Progress the interior

30. August

External staircase

19. August


9. August

Entry door

31. July

Parquet in the building four

25. July


18. July

Garage in building 1

11. July

Separation of the road with the wall

3. July

The Last Building

26. June


19. June

Garage door

10. June

The roof

3. June

Progress - building 4

27. May

View - building one

20. May

Building one

14. May

Building four

6. May

Finishing the last building and the roofs

29. April


23. April

We painted the walls! Building 4

15. April

We cover the roof

8. April

Progress of the third building

1. April

Final exterior works

26. March


20. March


11. March

Progress with the view

4. March

Facade and interior works

27. February

We poured the last building board

18. February

Visualization of the kitchen

9. February

Progress in the attic

1. February

Preparations for facades

1. February

Masonry and attic construction. Building 3

20. January

Plastering inside. Building 4

20. January

Pouring another building board. Building 2

17. January

Building a Building 3

25. November

Finishing the installation

18. November

Embankment and preparation

10. October

Closing openings

10. October

We built the first floor

21. September

We build lintels

8. August

Building walls

11. July

Reinforced concrete foundation slab

23. June

We start building reinforced concrete foundation slab.


16. May

Croatia has returned to the construction of the Pelješac Bridge. The bridge will be part of the transport network of the Republic of Croatia and its operation should be carried out without the payment of a bridge toll. The Croatian government is advocating the implementation of the project with the fact that Pelješac Bridge will save time while traveling on the peninsula, as well as the southern part of the Croatian coast with Dubrovnik.


23. April

Dear clients, today we started the construction of the project. You can see the current photo in the gallery.